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Hey Beautiful Soul, I am here with yet another blog post about how I got into Art business.

So let me dive right in, I have always loved to paint as a kid and often found myself surrounded with paints and brushes I enjoyed creating art more than I enjoyed playing with my friends or toys. As I grew older, my passion for Art turned into my passion for clothes which led me to be a Fashion Designer and I had no intentions to pursue something in Art as a part of my career. Years past, 12 years to be precise, I was busy with my career as a Fashion Designer and running my own production facility and meeting my goals there, Art wasn’t even a thing for me anymore.

It was March of 2020 that hit us all globally with Covid that brought my first love of Art back into my life. (to know how this happened please read my blog:

At first, I was a little taken aback and intimidated with my own thought of “Why I had not painted for so many years!!” And with that in mind, I painted my very first painting after 12 years of not touching my brushes or canvas.

It was an oil painting of the Hindu God “SHIVA” who is known as the destroyer of all the evil, and that was the only vision which came to my mind at that time when I sat to paint. It was not only a painting for me, it was a realization of wanting to paint and express myself through art, my clothing business like everyone else’s was temporarily closed and people all over the world were suffering with Covid and I found solace in painting Shiva who is believed to destroy the bad and pave the way to a new beginning.


It took me about 4 hours to finish this painting and I just casually posted it on my Facebook that night which instantly gained so much attention and a friend ended up buying it right away! I had never thought someone will actually buy my painting, especially because that wasn’t my intention or desire at that time, but I was overjoyed when I was paid. It wasn’t a lot of money for an original canvas painting, BUT HEY I HAD MADE A SALE!!!

And nothing beats the happiness of when money comes in from unexpected resources. Right at that point, I knew that this was it, THIS WAS GOING TO BE MY SIDE HUSTLE which is going to let me express, give me tremendous joy, freedom to create /paint whatever and however I want and pay some of my bills too!

So, after that first sale I posted about it on my Facebook again following which I was contacted by other friends who wanted similar size paintings for their house and I did 2 back to back commissions, yay! 


(Some of my random paintings that year 2020 before I found my style and vision)

During this time between April and Dec 2020, I also made several other random paintings just experimenting with my style and enjoying my time. One such painting that I made was bought by a Spanish themed restaurant in India and they ordered another one too that would match with the one that I already had made, I was so elated with all this that was happening, I decided on opening my Etsy store (which is still open, but I don’t really promote anything there; now I have direct sales from my website). I didn’t start out with any expectations or aspirations that this would become a business (my plan was always to just be a Fashion Designer and that’s what I was doing until then). My Etsy store was just an outlet to sell paintings that I made in my free time because by then I knew that I was going to do a lot them and I wouldn’t be able to store it all at home. I didn’t start with a business plan or anything like that I also didn’t have any exclusive social media platforms for my business until 6 months after I started my Etsy store.

I had opened a personal Instagram in 2019 and that had one post on it of my dog and I had never done anything with it, I didn't even know how to use Instagram back then and had to take a crash course from my sister-in-law, so I could know what button does what on the app :-), but I had about 124 some friends following me when I had signed up, so I just decided to leverage on it and converted it to my Art business page which you all now know as @pamsinghstudio, but something that I am very grateful for is the growth that I have seen on Instagram and the business that it has got me.

As I look back at my artist journey there are some takeaways, but I think being consistent, having your own style and a cohesive body of work is very important to be successful in the Art World. I do have some more concrete tips on this in my next blog post where I will tell you about how I found my Art style and how you too can do the same and produce work with consistency.

So stay tuned until 10th February 2022 and know more about “Find Your Own Art Style & Produce Work With Consistency”.

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