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Hey Hey There! I hope the month of love started amazing for you!

So what’s this thing called Artist voice? & how in the world do you find it, is this something you wanna know?

Let me shed some light here!

Starting out as an Artist and trying to find my Artist Voice and Style was not so easy for me, simply because I was not “The Artist” before I actually got into it and I loved trying out a variety of styles and mediums. I loved to paint growing up but it was nowhere close to what I am creating today. Last 12 years into designing and past few years into Art have made me a little more knowledgeable on my vision as an Artist and it gives me so much joy to actually share this with someone like you who really wants to learn and grow as an Artist.

So here are some key things that may help you in “Finding Your Own Style & Unique Voice As An Artist and Produce Work with Consistency”.

  1. Your Authentic Story:

Two things that you can draw this authentic story from are, you and your connection to your work. Whether you are visually communicating parts and pieces of your personal life story or ideas, concepts and other beliefs that are meaningful to you it all should reflect in your work and it should have a deep sense of connection to your art. Don’t try to create work that you think you should make, instead focus on creating work that truly connects with you, resonates with your personality and your story. If you are making art that is sellable and are depending on this income as a source there is nothing wrong with it but, you should reserve some time that’s completely dedicated to your personal ideas to explore what excites you, what you enjoy and feel connected to. Make notes every time you paint about what you loved the most about the process and refer to those notes as a part of your study when you are not painting and literally meditate over it to explore your insights, compare those notes every time you paint and pick the common grounds of what you feel drawn towards and go with that voice.

  1. Practicing With Consistency Makes it Perfect:

Show up to create your art actively, I do it every single day for at least 2-3 hours (unless I hit an Artist block which we will discuss in one of my blogs later); but I believe that someone who is seriously looking to be an Artist should at least practice 4 times a week even if it is for 30 mins) having a dedicated space or center for your art helps you focus. As you practice your work, you will notice that you are working on deciding color combinations, what subject you want to explore, how you want to sketch certain things, what materials you want to experiment with, all these decisions will lead you to discovering new things and ultimately you will start finding your artist voice coming through.

  1. Evolving as an Artist:

With continued consistent practice, paying attention to the realizations you are having along the way and being disciplined about what you create will help you grow and evolve through this process, the ideas you communicate through your creations over the years will change as time passes by and your process and voice both will evolve; the most important thing to remember is to create work that tells a story and something that you feel connected to.

As I was doing my final edit for this blog post I got a text with an image from a friend who sent me yet another message that goes "See what I found, paint this and I am telling you that it will be a hit!" (see below the photograph she wanted me to paint, it's not my kind of style but I love the quote!)

And that reminded me of something I felt the need of adding here, "I have Friends and Family who tell me what kind of Art I should be painting to sell and occasionally send me pictures of nature, birds, God, objects or someone else's paintings telling me that I should try painting something like this and it will be very successful. I did paint a variety of things people initially told me when I started off as an Artist but not anymore; from my experience let me be very clear here,


All these friends and family want to see us successful in our dream and somehow want to help us grow so all this that they do comes from those emotions that they have for us and they see nothing wrong with it, but they forget that just like you would not tell a doctor what medicines should he prescribe for a certain disease (because, it's his job to do so), the same way they should treat an Artist as a professional and not tell them what they need to create (unless they are getting something custom made for themselves). So next time they tell you something like that just smile and leave it right there, stay focused and follow the process please don't get side tracked with what they say.

       Even after having found my Artist voice and being almost a full time artist actively working and selling through various channels I feel like I am still evolving very single day and that reflects in my work.

And the fact that you have read this blog till here, means that you really want to take the leap and be an Artist.

What I have learnt from my experience is, Art is a completely different world and it takes time to grow here you just have to believe in the process and follow it diligently and that will help you be the Artist you want to be!

To find opportunities and gain recognization as an Artist it is important to create cohesive body of work so stay tuned for my next blog on 24th February 2022 and “Learn The Process Of Creating Cohesive Body Of Work"

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