The Creator

My paintings always contemplate how the feminine beauty, nature and beliefs can be a soul healer! 
The world sees through their eyes and I love to paint and create art that gives peace to the those eyes and refreshes one's soul.
 The fascination I felt for art and creating beautiful things started when I was 6 years old and my dreams are slowly taking shape in reality in various artistic and creative ways such as painting, apparel designing and dance.

In order to shape my imaginations, I have always felt the need to go beyond realism and turn my dreams and beliefs into a form of art which is empowering and symbolizes feminine strength, dreams, power and energy that represent beauty and individuality of a woman which come through strongly in my work.

 My motive behind every creation is to always find a visual language that best connects with my state of mind, beliefs, dreams and the feelings of the viewer. In my creativity, I strive to achieve a sense of tranquility, healing quality that exhales positive energy, serenity and peace which invites the viewer to slide into a state of harmony.

 The style of my painting, my technique and use of colors are experimented by me personally, I love vibrant colors and shades of blues and purples which can be widely seen in my paintings. I use a lot of Mix Media - Acrylic and Oil Colors, Crayons, Marker Pens, Gold Leaf, Iridescent Paint, Glitter and Genuine Mother Of Pearl.
 For me, painting is not a job or work or just trying to create something; it's about rejuvenating myself and unleashing the imagination and letting that take on the canvas, it's like meditation; my painting then comes to life through movements and colors that pour out from that state of mind and thats when I find myself in peace with harmony and balance. 
Stay Blessed Always,
Pam :-)
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 "Painting my imagination is a superpower I am blessed with!" - Pam Singh