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HELLOOOO!!! It’s me again and as promised, I am writing about how I started as an Artist.

I have gotten many DM’s and a some emails in past requesting me to share my story and provide some advice and I wanted to address this question in the very beginning of my blog series since I get it so many times, and I don’t want to come off as rude when I can’t really give a proper answer in a small DM or write individually in many emails.

There’s really not any easy or short answer or a quick story to this, but I’ll try my best to share it and not to drill you.

As a kid, I have been very creative and inclined towards Art, Craft and Dance. I can’t really remember it that well (I was very young maybe 4 or 5 years old) but my Mom tells me that I always used to love watching people paint and I’d try to learn and get inspired from that and come up with my own Art (she said I was naturally good at it).

 Though most of my childhood Art got lost when we moved to the USA but I do have a few to share, [the first one here, I had gifted to a friend in school and he actually has kept it with him till date and he sent this to me as a memory just recently, isn't that really sweet and I love the fact he said, "Paintings Stay Forever" see his message below]


Growing up I had my uncle Ramesh (center picture with his paintings), a Commercial Visual Artist who I looked up to, I was always in awe of his work and how he did it!! His entire house is like a museum filled with Art he painted and the ones he collected, handicrafts, pottery, ceramics and plants he is such a successful painter, an avid Art lover and my inspiration till date!


Every time I painted something I would wait to see him and excitedly showed my work to gain a few words of encouragement and appreciation, he was always so sweet and provided me with more directions.

As I grew older, my passion for Art progressed into my passion for Fashion.

I had a fair share of struggle through my family and peer pressure of getting me into more academic career and not into something creative that naturally came to me; (besides this one uncle; I come from a family of engineers, scientists and doctors so you can only imagine how hard it was for me to convince my Indian parents, it’s like, this is almost a story of every brown family!)  BUT, I fought through all that and got myself into one of the country’s best fashion schools and started my journey of being,



Fast forward a few long years of hard work, ups and downs, here I am specialized into a very niche market of high performance athletic wear and along with my business partner established my own company So currently, more than being a fashion designer have I transitioned into an entrepreneur (L Brands better known as Victoria Secret, Wounded Warrior Project, American Cancer Society, PGA Tour, Mariah Stackhouse are just a few brands I design for amongst many others)


But all these years, there was one thing I had consistently missed and that was my first love for Art; until a few years back when it hit me differently and here’s what happened, I was helping deep clean a part of my house when I came across a box full of art supplies I had bought when I had just moved to the USA with the thought that, “Oh these art supplies are on sale and I might need them someday!”, (yeah yeah you know how all that goes…) but I never used it and they got stowed away somewhere deep into a corner of my garage which I found after 12 years and luckily they had not gone bad!!!

UNBELIEVABLE I know, BUT yes this is TRUE!

When I opened that box it just hit me so hard like, WWWHHHYYY have I not painted for so many years and I stopped doing everything else that second, instantly pulled out the canvas and started painting, it was like a deep realization of how much was inside me that needed to come out in form of ART.

This was the first painting I made after a gap of 12 long years.


It has not stopped for me ever since then, in my early stages of returning back to Art I never thought I was going to do everything that I am doing right now, I didn’t start out with any expectations or aspirations that this would become a business. It was just all about creating Art in my free time because I loved to paint, I had missed it for so many years and it brought freshness to my soul. I had no idea of how to turn this into a business and at that time I didn’t really care if I made any money of it. I also didn’t have any social media platforms like I have @pamsinghstudio today.

So how did I do it, is the real question? (It’s weird to me that anyone would even want to hear an advice or a suggestion from me 😂)

But, my next blog on 27th January 2022 will throw some insight on “How I Got Into Art Business” with Pam Singh Studio.

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