How To Write An Artist Bio & Statement - Let's Talk Thursday, VOL. 108

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What's the difference between an Artist Biography and an Artist Statement You're about to find out!

Here you'll find tips and tricks for writing your Artist Bio and Artist Statement, and how to differentiate between the two.

When Writing an Artist Bio, be sure to include...

Your name and medium you work in - this should be at the very start of your bio!

Information about your location, including: where you currently live and where you're from - you can also include how your surroundings impact your art practice, if that's relevant to the work you're doing.

Key themes that you explore in your art - you do not have to go in-depth here, save the details for your artist statement!

An overview of your experience, including: how long you've been creating art, where you studied, and your work experience if it relates to your art practice. If your current job does not directly relate to your art career, you do not need to include this information.

Significant awards, achievements, or exhibitions - again, you do not have to go in depth here - you should summarize this in 1-3 sentences.

"Artist biographies and statements are either written in first person or third person. I recommend writing your bio in third person and your statement in first person, but it comes down to personal preference".

When writing an Artist Statement, be sure to focus on...

3 Key Points:
- Why you make your artwork
- How you make your artwork
- What your artwork means to you

Your Artist Statement can include:

- Where you find inspiration for your art
- Key ideas and themes you’re exploring
- Your personal connection to the work you're creating Information about your creative process (techniques, materials) The impact you hope to have on your audience

You should try to limit your artist statement to 1-3 paragraphs.

Some helpful sentence starters:

- “My inspiration comes from...”
- “I began creating art because...”
- "When I create art, my goal is to...”

As an artist if you have any more things you do or can think of, I and other readers would love to hear that, please write about it in comments section below with your name and email!

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