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Have you ever looked at your palms to study the unique and distinctive lines, patterns? Your palm print is totally unique. No one in this world has the same palm print as you. The same goes about your artwork.

In this post, I want to explain what is an artist’s “signature style” and why is is important? I hope to show some light to how you can determine what your “signature style” is or how to possibly acquire one.

Unfortunately, many artists are unable to fully recognize their unique skills because they are intensely absorbed in their creative process and this has happened to me as well. We as creative beings so many times fail to appreciate our own greatness that flows throughout our body of work. If this is you, I hope this post will change things for you.

What is a Signature Style?

Imagine walking into an art gallery which has a diverse group show exhibiting and it has many styles and mediums. Just from distance of a few feet as your eyes scan the space, you can immediately identify the names of the artists, based on the unique characteristics of their art. You are able to distinguish an iconic Van Gogh painting from one by Picasso or Gustav Klimt and this power of observation is their instantly recognizable signature style and their unique creative vision provides extraordinary breadth and depth for the viewer.

This admirable achievement is based on years of creative discipline and effort.

The best “signature style” is one that has common threads without being repetitive. It shows a confidence and clarity without impairing the artist’s freedom of expression. Within that “niche” an artist’s creative vision can expand. They may then develop different series that deviate from each other while they also have a commonality.

Cohesion and congruency can be achieved while also maintaining innovation and intuition.

Why is a “Signature Style” Important?

I personally think that there are so many advantages for the artist who has their own signature style. When you can identify and appreciate the distinctive qualities of your art work you will know why it appeals to others. Based on this valuable information you can define your art customers profile. You can develop a plan to reach your markets. Your marketing efforts will be easier and more manageable.

Gallery owners, collectors, and art writers are drawn to art that contains a treasure trove of  unique and distinctive characteristics. They enjoy proclaiming the virtues about a body of work art that tells a story with unique features and attributes.

Many collectors consider buying art with a clear point of view. They often look for art that will expand upon a particular focus of their existing collection.

Chances of being selected for more theme exhibitions, specific awards, grants and other opportunities, will increase.

I have had a decent success with developing my own signature style and getting it out to the world.

Next month on 2nd April is the opening night of my duo art show which will be up till the 29th April. I am exhibiting at McDowells Art Centre located in the pretty town of Matthews with Michelle Levi who is an abstract floral artist. If you love to travel or are in the area please do stop by for the opening night reception or later anytime till the end of the month.

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