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Have you ever wondered on how to put together a collection of work that is more cohesive and you can call it your own signature style? I had these thoughts when I started out as an Artist, I just didn't know how and where to start! But now that I am more knowledgable on this, I want to share it with you!

So a few things that I have tried and tested for myself and I still follow them are:

  1. Excogitate & Brainstorm:

Look back at the work you have created so far and ask yourself, “What idea have I enjoyed the most from its planning stages to a finished piece?” “Is this something I want to explore further?”

If you have never experimented with your art or are looking for a new idea entirely that’s not related to any of the work you have created in past, then I would recommend to spend time looking at art online, or maybe visit art galleries to get a more physical feel of different types of work. When you find an artist or artwork that you feel more attracted to do a little more brain research on that example, why do I feel more drawn to this particular style? What do I find intriguing about this artist’s work? How can I explore this idea with a new perspective?

  1. Set Your Intention:

Write down every answer to your questions and decide on the concept, subject behind your new series and COMMIT!

It is important that you ask yourself, what do you want to achieve by creating this series, is this for personal growth, practice, self-exploration or exhibit and sell? Or all of the above!

Make a journal and write down your intentions in detail, when your intention is clear from the beginning your work will reflect that energy and flow with ease.

  1. Working on your idea:

Develop your concept or idea by starting out with a sketch which will act as a draft for your end work. Sketch multiple small drafts that will give you an idea of how your entire series will look. Remember to make notes all way along - of colors, materials you want to use, because it is crucial to have a common thread that will connect all your pieces together in a collection.

  1. Plan it:

Plan the size of your cohesive body of work, do you want to keep it as a small collection or want a bigger collection; an ideal small collection is about 4-6 pieces and a bigger collection is about 10-12 pieces; ideally a collection of 10-12 pieces is more suitable to present to galleries, exhibit or sell at art festivals.

  1. Creating Your Collection:

When you start working on your collection make sure to step back and reflect during your work in progress and keep referring to your idea journal this will help you be on track with making a cohesive body of art and keep you motivated.

As an artist if you have any more things you do or can think of, I and my other readers would love to hear that, please write about it in comments section below with your name and email! As an Artist it is important to create cohesive body of work and have a style of your own want to know why? Stay tuned for my next blog on 10th March 2022 and know “Why Is It Important For An Artist To Have A Signature Style" 

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