“OPEN YOUR EYES” Duo Exhibit - Let's Talk Thursday, VOL. 107

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OMGOSHHH it's happening... 

I have been working super hard on my upcoming Duo Show - “OPEN YOUR EYES” for the last 6 months it’s been hours of imagination, creative thinking, sketching, color studies, experimenting, hope, love and lots and lots of canvas and colors!!! FINALLY, I am seeing my imaginations and visions coming to life and I am so thrilled for the opening night of this show.

Nothing is more exciting and encouraging than having your imaginations put correctly on canvas and your art supporters coming out to support you and your work and I am humbled and very thankful to you for supporting my work.

The Exhibit - “OPEN YOUR EYES”  
The show focuses on bringing out the beauty in our nature, surroundings and our self being.
We live in a world that is fast paced and busy, often forgetting to see things that knowingly or unknowingly exist and are a part of our world and brings beauty to our everyday lives. This show alludes to taking the time out from our busy lives and being able connect to the positive energy of our existence, nature and surroundings through art.
This month long show at McDowell Art Center starts with an opening night reception on the 2nd April from 5:00pm to 8:30pm.
Now, a little more about me and my artist friend who's exhibiting with me at this show,


Pam Singh

About The Artist:

I am an Indian-American mixed media Artist, Designer and Muralist originally from India now based in Charlotte, North Carolina. As a child I grew up seeing and being inspired by my uncle who is a commercial artist and felt drawn to art and creating beautiful things at an early age of 5. I holds a Degree in Fashion Design Management and am self-taught mixed media artist and muralist. I also represent SouthEnd ARTS an art non-profit in Charlotte, NC as their Vice President, which helps me share my passion for art, design, community building and art history. I strive to inspire a community of creatives, providing education and support to emerging, underinvested, as well as professional artists.

My studio is located in the art district of NoDa at Charlotte Art League and love sharing my work with a community of thousands of art loving souls from around the globe through various galleries, art exhibits, art festivals and my online web gallery.

About My Art:

In my artwork, I love to explore themes of freedom, self-fulfillment & authenticity. My highest goal is to convey the vivacity within us and to bring color, light, warmth and  liveliness to the world and inspire others to celebrate themselves. I aim to empower and offer a vision for you to see yourself in the feminine subjects I paint. The style of my painting, my techniques and use of colors are skillfully experimented by me time and again.

You can check out more of my work here,




Michelle Cherqui Levi 

About The Artist: 

As a Miami native, Michelle’s work is inspired by sunshine and saturated color. Growing up in a French family where travel to France was a summer ritual, Michelle’s curiosity for art and culture began early. She received both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Art Education from Florida International University. Inspiring creativity with students in underserved communities, including young adults with intellectual disabilities has enabled Michelle to share her passion for art and art history. Now living in Charlotte, NC, Michelle’s paintings and mixed-media works have been exhibited locally in both solo and group shows.

About art:

My Paintings are celebrations of the natural world. The intimate renderings of botanical imagery highlight the familiar surroundings found in North Carolina and South Florida. These natural narratives combine observation, memory and improvisation. Connecting with nature renews us. In these bold and brightly colored images, I seek to elicit a sense of wonder and to see things fresh.

You can check out more of her work here,


www. michellecherquilevi.com


Did You Know?

The statistics of the past few decades confirm that the art world is not one of gender parity. Works by female artists comprise a small share of major permanent collections in the U.S. and Europe, while at auction, women’s artworks sell for a significant discount compared with men’s. Only two works by women have ever broken into the top 100 auction sales for paintings, despite women being the subject matter for art for approximately half of the top 25 works displayed around the world.


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