Introducing The Blog - Let's Talk Thursday

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Introducing - LET'S TALK THURSDAY, VOL. 101

It’s day one of 2022 – H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R!!!

I am sitting here on the back porch of my brother’s house in Greenville, NC, USA, where me and my family celebrated the end of the year’s eve with delicious food, fine drinks, dancing away the night and making so many memories for the years to come.

As I write my VERY FIRST BLOG POST today morning, I am thinking why I didn’t do this earlier or rather, would I have been able to do this any earlier?!

I am a writer by no means; coming from my Indian roots with half British and half American English I have a major language dialect confusion that still exists and my spellings and pronunciations can be so off for Americans even after 16 years of living in the USA, can you BELIEVE it?

 So that also makes me think, “Who is going to read my blogs”?! But, I had someone who pushed me to do this because he thinks I will do a good job, so here I am writing my very first blog! (Who is “HE”? Well, that's for later)

I am not going to make this first blog too long and boring because though I might across like a half writer let me tell you something,  I am not a big fan of reading or writing so you might not find me writing lengthy blogs ;-) But here’s what you may get from reading my blogs, if you are an Aspiring, Emerging or An Established Artist or Designer and want to know where to start, what to do, where to begin and how to sell your Art to people you might get some of those ideas right here my friend!


 "This blog will share interesting experiences I have had in my journey as a Fine Artist and Fashion Designer till date, a ton of information about different things of Art and Design world, first hand experiences and what to do and what not to do in the Art world, stories from different Artists and how they cope with being “An Artist”, other interesting facts, where to market and how to market your Art, how to navigate in the world of Art and not to feel lost, how to find your inner voice as an Artist, tips and tricks about Art and painting, instructional DIY painting ideas and a ton of other things all related to Art, Design and Lifestyle".

I will be occasionally sharing some interesting guest blogs and vlogs that you might find informational and educational which may help support your Art/Design Business.

I have been fortunate enough to have tasted success a little differently than most of the new Artists in past two years and get asked so often on how I did it, so that’s what I am here to share, inspire and motivate. If my blogs help you in your creative journey I will be over the MOON!

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P.S: You will see a new blog posted to my website every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. This one was a special post for an introduction to the blog.

Next Blog on How It All Started For Me As An Artist coming up on 13th January 2022 will be posted by 8:30am EST


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  • I love your art!! I was in the middle of a painting and stopped. I needed to regroup my thoughts.Im in the middle of writing my book but that is new to me except journaling for the past 40 years.I have to stop and paint it’s an addiction of mine I must have. Just wanted to comment on how beautiful your art is. I was also a fashion designer but with shoes. My weakness!! I worked mostly in New York and Italy. I love both places. I’m going to start reading your blogs. Good luck to you and be blessed.

    Kim Mize

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